Joe Whitaker Invents a Better Power Strip, Submits to Quirky

Don’t you hate it when you have a power strip with six outlets, but half of them disappear due to the size and shape of your plugs and adapters? That won’t be a problem with the ElyctricSlyde, an invention submitted to Quirky by CE Pro contributor and A/V integrator Joe Whitaker.

Friends of Joe’s and lovers of the idea have six days to give the project a thumbs-up before Quirky decides to take the project to the next level. Ultimately, if Quirky accepts the invention, the company will help to productize it, through design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and financial support.

The Slyde lets users snap in plugs and adapters along a sliding rail, allowing for “better organization, better use of different size plugs, better use of surface area to allow maximum amount of connections limited now only by the set amp limitation,” according to the Quirky submission.

A sliding cover “that moves like a door for an old bread box” allows users to cover the empty space on the power strips. The sliding cover will have a locking mechanism for an added layer of protection.

Whitaker explains, “Safety is the key,” and tells CE Pro that the product meets the requirements to pass UL.

An app can be added to the Slyde to let users know when they are approaching the limit of the 10- or 20-amp setting of the strip.

Whitaker believes the invention might be particularly relevant to CE pros, who often must connect several components to a power strip in tight spaces like a cabinet, back box or rack. Indeed, he imagines a rack-mounted version of the Slyde for just such applications.