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Watch out! Chris Johnson is upgrading his iPhone

Le 29 July 2016, 03:36 dans Humeurs 0

Watch out! Chris Johnson is upgrading his iPhone

I’ve reached that age — old, I believe, is what the young’uns call it — where I’ve kinda peaked in my technological skills. Actually, it’s more that I’ve lost interest in advancement.

In the last few years, I’ve transitioned websites, learned to shoot and edit video and operate the toaster. It’s all been pretty valuable stuff, but it’s tiring. Why? Because you can have the whole technological world figured out on Monday, only to find everything you learned is obsolete by Friday.

Throughout these few years, I’ve survived with the same ol’ beat-up iPhone. It’s a 4-something — a 4S, 4E or R2D2 … I’m not exactly sure. But I do know it’s old because my service provider has been telling me for more than three years that I’ve been due for an upgrade. My wife has ordered me to get a new one after a few calls didn’t go through, and my son points at it and laughs. But I had no interest in replacing it.

You’ll never see me in one of those long lines outside a retailer when a new phone is released. For some folks, a phone is a status symbol and an extension of their personality. Mine certainly is an extension of myself, the extension that says, “I don’t care ‘bout much of nuthin’.”

Then, along came yet another technological breakthrough. Facebook, in its efforts to rule the universe, has been rolling out something called Facebook Live in which folks can broadcast live video straight from their iPhones, iPads or iToasters. When I saw George Takei broadcasting and taking questions from fans, I knew this was mandatory learning.

Facebook Live offers a chance for grass-roots nonprofits to showcase how they get things done where big nonprofits don’t. It allows instructors to give presentations from afar. It allows you to get up close and personal behind the scenes with folks like Mr. Sulu. Most importantly, instead of people taking pictures of their sandwich to put on Facebook at lunch, they can live-cast the actual eating of the sandwich on Facebook at lunch.

A lot of news organizations and celebrities already are on board with this. And I’ll be using it soon to help folks understand the importance of supporting grass-roots nonprofits over the corporatized behemoths. I would use it to broadcast myself eating a sandwich, but I get sick of sandwiches. Although, you just might catch me live-casting the demolition of a few chili-cheeseburgers.

That’ll have to wait a couple of weeks, though. It turns out that my ancient iPhone is incapable of live-casting. I had to break down and part with the 99 cents it took to upgrade. My next iPhone-something-something is on the way.

And not a moment too soon. While grilling last night, I was listening to Spotify on my current iPhone R2D2 and it paused to give me the message “You are listening to Camden’s iPhone.”

What? I don’t even know a Camden. I know of a Camden County, but that’s it. Then Merle Haggard quit singing through my iPhone and Katy Perry came on. I’m sure she’s a nice lady,

but I can’t grill to her. I need Merle, Waylon, Willie or Jimmy Buffett.

I’m not sure I figured out the problem but I kept reloading Spotify enough to screen protectors  tire out Katy Perry. She gave up on me. I can only imagine, though, that somewhere in my neighborhood some little boy named Camden is crying because his iPhone keeps blasting “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink” by Merle Haggard.

By the time my new iPhone finally gets here, Camden might finally realize what real music is.

Kickstart this clever modular power strip with a simple, safety-focused design

Le 20 July 2016, 09:03 dans Humeurs 0

Kickstart this clever modular power strip with a simple, safety-focused design

The concept of a modular power strip isn’t exactly original. We’ve actually covered similar Kickstarter projects in the past, but the technology still hasn’t really caught on and most people are probably still using boring old travel power strip . Now a new version called Stacked takes a simple approach with a few unique features that could finally take the technology mainstream.

Stacked consists of three main units. There’s the base module, which includes the plug, an on/off switch and a three-pronged outlet. There’s also a module that adds a single outlet, and one that adds an outlet plus two USB ports for easily plugging in your mobile devices.

The modules snap together so it’s easy to rearrange them on the fly. They can rotate to face up or to either side so it’s always convenient to plug in from any angle. The company also put a big focus on safety with a protective plastic design and surge protection that shuts off automatically if it’s about to exceed capacity.

You can grab Stacked for as little as $35, which gets you three modules (one of each). There’s also the option to add extra modules a la carte to create the custom power strip of your dreams. Kickstarter orders won’t actually ship until December 2016 at the earliest. The company says it has the experience and partners in place to get the job done as promised, but delays are always possible when you back a crowd-funded product.

Wonpro Power Strips: Secret Heroes of MWC

Le 11 July 2016, 10:47 dans Humeurs 0

Wonpro Power Strips: Secret Heroes of MWC

BARCELONA--Every international business traveler should carry a Wonpro usb power strip. Secretly, they're one of the best technologies I've worked with at Mobile World Congress.

There are a lot of super-cool, cutting-edge, high-tech gadgets here in Barcelona this year. We have the latest smartphones, mind-boggling new mobile processors, and high-speed networks. But nothing matters if you can't plug any of it into the wall.

Yeah, yeah, you can get plug adapters. But then you hit the next problem: if you're a geek, there are never enough plugs. European hotel rooms never, ever have enough plugs.

MWC Bug Art
Enter Wonpro. Wonpro makes universal power strips that accept everybody's plugs, and have removable cords on the end that adapt to whatever country you're in. Why not just bring a US power strip and a single plug adapter? I frequently end up with a mishmash of US and European devices on these trips, and with Wonpro, you really don't have to worry. Everything just plugs in.

The company also makes very good universal plug adapters.

The Microsoft press room here at MWC has Wonpro power strips, and you should have seen the journalists ooh'ing and aah'ing at the idea of one strip that we could all plug our US, UK and European equipment into. If you do international business, or you do business with international people, you need to buy this. Buy twenty.

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